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Telcos have a big problem on their hands.

Despite being the backbone upon which other sectors have built their fortunes, many of the world’s largest communications companies have struggled to capitalize on their own digital transformation.

In this white paper, we provide some answers on how telcos can leverage their greatest asset to build a better relationship with their customers and position online video as a tool for growth.


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Overcome Obstacles

What are some of the key challenges faced by telcos when it comes to leveraging video to grow profitability?


Your Greatest Asset

How can you unlock user data across all touchpoints to increase revenue?


Embrace Video

Why targeted video UX is a compelling point of difference in a market where customers have never been pickier.

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Opportunity – that’s what telcos have available to them in the world of online video.

Netflix, Amazon and other popular OTT providers have been instrumental in changing user expectations around the consumption of entertainment and the window for triple- and quad-play providers to capitalize on this shift in mindset is beginning to close.

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