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Massive's mission is to evolve the way the world consumes entertainment. To do that well, we need a workforce that represents the users we help our clients serve. 

Our Guide to Diversity gives an insight into our unique approach to inclusion, information on what this means to us at Massive, the challenges of working in global tech and achieving a diverse workforce, and how we continually challenge and evolve our culture.


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Active Inclusion

Learn about some of the conscious decisions Massive has taken to make inclusion happen.

Leveraging Leadership

How Massive's leadership team have woven inclusion and diversity into the company's culture over the last two decades.

How Massive Shapes Up

Find out how Massive stacks up against the rest of the industry as a diverse organization.

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At Massive, we are a community of uniquely talented and driven individuals operating as a united global team towards a shared goal: to evolve the way the world consumes entertainment. We aim to become the global industry standard for user experience management and design in the online video industry, all while promoting an inclusive community that celebrates the diversity of our workforce.

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