Staying in the Game: Designing Sports OTT Services

Perhaps more than any other type of content, sports continue to remain one of the most significant opportunities for OTT providers. This is not without reason – 63% of all sports fans are interested in paying for an all-sports over-the-top channel.

But perhaps more than any time in entertainment history, OTT platforms and services need to compete on exceptional UX to succeed in the crowded streaming and VOD arena.

In our free white paper, learn how expectations of sports services are changing and how that affects designing a UI for live events. 

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From the "committed-casual" to the "die-hard fanatic"...

Finding success in sports comes from a deep understanding of your audience, from the ‘committed-casual fan’ to the ‘die-hard fanatic.’

Each has their own set of drivers and motivations for tuning in to watch an event, which you need to recognize to deliver the most engaging UX.

In our exclusive white paper, learn more about which features best resonate with different sports fans.

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Understand Your Audience

Key to any successful sports service is a deep understanding of different viewer personas.

Sports - Rhythm.png

The Rhythm of the Game

Before, during and after a live event - each period offers an opportunity deliver an engaging experience.

Sports - Devices.png

Design for the Platform

Watching live sport on a television is much different to mobile - each requires their own feature roadmap.


“Having integrated with the Massive AXIS platform, we now have a far more superior suite of products than we did previously. Not only are we providing customers with a better experience, but we also have much more flexibility and agility to reconfigure the UI for each device. It has been great to work with the Massive team.”

Guilherme Saraiva, CTO of Telecine