Viewers are unique; why aren't your video experiences?

Consumers today have a wealth of entertainment options available to them, so offering a personalized user experience can often be the difference between higher engagement and churn. 

Download our fact sheet to learn how Massive AXIS enables TV operators take control of their video applications, tailoring everything from layout to content to promotions to the individual user - all in real-time.

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Massive AXIS is a platform that lets you create and test targeted user experiences without writing a single line of code. It helps you take control of your applications, across devices, and deliver highly personalized experiences to all users, registered or not.

AXIS doesn’t just filter content. It takes a holistic approach to the entire UX, dynamically updating collections, promotions, advertisements, and templates based on an almost endless number of unique audience segments.

Massive AXIS
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Boost User Engagement

Engage, upsell, retain and delight customers by offering them a user experience that is tailored to their tastes and interests.


Drive Profitability

AXIS takes a holistic approach to the entire UX, dynamically updating content and promotions based on unique audience segments.

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Reduce Cost of Ownership

Empower your content schedulers and marketers to make UX changes in real-time, across devices, without having to write a single line of code.


“Having integrated with the Massive AXIS platform, we now have a far more superior suite of products than we did previously. Not only are we providing customers with a better experience, but we also have much more flexibility and agility to reconfigure the UI for each device. It has been great to work with the Massive team.”

Guilherme Saraiva, CTO of Telecine